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 When you find the information about our school, you may learn about the facilities available in our school. Here, you can find some of them. The new facilities and options will be added with more details.

Main Playground

 We are proud to have the largest ground in the District of Gampaha. It has a 400m track. Pupils have a vast area to get their skills improved such as Body & Physical Skills, Training and more as well as sports. The ground includes a Cricket Base, 3 Volley Ball Coats, Basket ball facilities.

ICT Resource Center & Internet Facilities

 When you want to study the featured facilities of our school, this would be a main point. The school has 2 ICT Resource Centers at present. One is for professional courses for the students after O/L's or A/L's. Students have to pay for this. Children from other schools also can join these courses. And this is one of the two Resource Center in Gampaha District. And we also have well equipped ICT Resource Center to the school children. It has 100 computers with the latest version of operation system of Windows7. The center has Multimedia projecting facilities for clear wide screening. In addition, all computers have connected to the network & the system is working over hub when needed. Also the students can use the Internet facilities under the security of Net Nanny. The center is also now upgrading.

Telephone Facilities 

This is also a valuable facility to our children. If they need to get an emergency call to their homes, they don't want to go to the office or bother to a teacher. Simply they can make a call at just Rs. 5 from any telephone box, established in the school premises. But, Bringing mobiles phones during in the school time is completely prohibited according the school rules.

Library Resources 

 Library is a common facility in a school. But We have more library functions for our students. Main library is opened for the students from grade 6 up to 13. It's contained a number of books related to all subjects such as Science, Art, Economics, Politics. And also the world famous Magazines and book will be also found.  The teachers and students can read daily news papers in the News paper corner in the library. The school also has sub libraries for A/L Science students in grade 12 & 13 and Junior students lower than grade 8. 

Air Conditioned bus & Van

The school has a full optioned Air Conditioned Bus.  It's used to take the students and teachers for special events. It prefers the identity of Bandaranayake Central College, Veyangoda. And also,  School has bought a full optioned brand new van for official travels. It is sponsored by the school past student's Association. 

Main Hall & Auditorium 

 If you have ever seen the Bandaranayake Central College's main hall, you may surely remember the image of University of Peradeniya. Because, the main hall has been created in such a way. It is the longest main hall in the Gampaha District and 2000 seats are available to be seated. And the Auditorium is also active in the school for basic practices. 

Water System & Water Closets 

 In the school, there is a fully covered water system. Recently, this system was developed. Every grade has tap system for drinking and washing.  Water supply is continuously supplied by the road water system. And the school has a complete water closet system which has been established under the school development program launched by the govt. 

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