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  •  If you wish to get more information about our College or want to contact principal or other coordinator, please contact us in the following manner. Thank You for Visiting Us.

Bandaranayake Central College,
Bandaranayake Rd,
Veyangoda, Sri Lanka.
(GQ 11100)
    Telephone/Fax Numbers

  • General  : +94332287221 
  • Principal  : +94332287221 
     E-Mail & Websites
  • Official Website :

*If you want to contact any other section of the school such as Library, Hostels, Labs, Security Room, Please ask from our Telephone Operator!

Social Pages

Web Team
CEO / Webmaster     :

: +94719755639 | E-Mail :  

Audio and Video Editors /

Quality Controlers      :     
     Asela Ruwan Kumara 
     Phone : +94755977207  
      Bhagya Dissanayake                    
      Phone +94772681180  | E Mail :

Coordinator           :          Mr. Darshana
Image Editors        :     
News Writer/Editor      :      Bhagya Dissanayake| 
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