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This Video is produced by the Media Unit of the Bandaranayake Central College(14' A/L Batch).

Write down your creative feelings as a poem, stanza, essay or any other method in Sinhala, English or Tamil. This creative corner is opened for our school pupils.

See what our gangs of Cadets, Scouts, Prefects and others are doing these days.

Write anything about our school, our website or anything in your own words. This will be helpful to improve our awesome school.

You are warmly Welcome to the Official website of Bandaranayake Central College, Veyangoda. Bandaranayake Central College was founded in 1941, when It was a time the English rulers kept Buddhists under colonial heel. A time when Buddhist parents were compelled to send their children to missionary schools since  there were no indigenous schools of their own. 

It is in this context, that the foreigners like Sir Henry Steel Olcott, Madame Blavatsky and Miss. Marie Musaeus Higgins arrived in our country, to help the few Buddhist leaders in their quest for moral and philosophical freedom. If it took sometime time to be established the school, the idea was born in this period. According to a great conception of Mr. C.W.W Kannangara who is the father of free Education, it became reality in the Golden year of 1941. 

We were lucky to be originally one of the three first Central Colleges established in Ceylon. Our school was established for the skill full students came from the rural areas around.
   Established in 1941 with very meagre resources in a humble, mud-walled, lowly thatched hut with one teacher and twelve pupils, the school has progressively grown in size and reputation over the years. Today, Bandaranayake Central College has evolved into one of the country’s most dynamic, progressive and forward-thinking academic institutions, achieving the distinction of being the premier Buddhist Central College in Sri Lanka. The religious atmosphere and the cultural and educational standards maintained from its inception has earned for Bandaranayake a name recognized and respected by all, and especially by the Buddhists of Sri Lanka.

   Our School is situated  in a quiet residential suburb of Wandurwa, Close to Veyangoda town, it occupies an area of 23 acres (137,000 m2) with an attractive surrounding boarded by Kandy-Colombo Railway. The school at present has an enrolment of over 2800 students and a well-qualified staff of over 135 teachers .


 It is one of the schools with highest academic performance in Gampaha district with 100% O/L passes and over 65% university entrances from A/L each year.

The present school is lead by Mr. S.A.B.L Sirimanne, and he is launching a massive process to develop the Physical as well as the spiritual education over the school.

We hope that you have a summarized knowledge of our school. You can now find  more and surf anything about the Bandaranayake Central College, Veyangoda. And you are kindly requested to tell your ideas for our school’s website to make it improve as you believe. 

If you are a member of our school or a past pupil, Let us provide your historic data of our school to publish on this official site (know more).


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