ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING-2016 :  The Annual General Meeting of the Bandaranayake Central College is due to be held on Sunday, 7th February 2016 in the college main hall from 9.00AM Upwards. All Members and past pupils are warmly invited to take part. This function is fully organized by the Past Pupils' Association of the College with the support of Heads of the college.   |    G.C.E(A/L) EXAMINATION, 2015 RESULTS OF THE COLLEGE :  The results of the G.C.E(A/L) Examination - 2015 were announced with the beginning of the year. We've updated the results of our candidates in the Official website of Bandaranayake Central College, Veyangoda. To review top rankings and to analysis the results, please navigate here  |   THE BLOOD DONATION CAMP - 2016 :  Annual Blood donation camp of the college was held on 14th January in parallel with the commemoration of 75th Anniversary of the College.    |    75TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE COLLEGE : The 75th Anniversary of Bandaranayake Central College, Veyangoda has due to be commemorated on 6th of January, 2016. In regarding with this commemoration, the school has decided to hold a large scale Buddhist program over two weeks from 6th January upwards.   |    NEWLY BUILDING CENOTAPH(RANAVIRU MONUMENT) : The college has decided to build up a Cenotaph(Ranaviru Monument) at the college premises commemorating it's deep reverence for fallen war heroes of armed forces and the Police of Bandaranayake Central College, who made supreme sacrifices for the motherland. Navigate to "Programs and Events" page to see the full story.     |     UPDATED RESULTS OF ACADEMIC YEAR - 2014 : We have updated Results of the Bandaranayake Central College, Veyangoda for the academic year - 2014. You can now check analysis of Advanced Level and Ordinary Level results here.     |      ISLAND RANK IN O/L 2014 : Bandaranayake Central College has taken the 7th place of all island schools in G.C.E(O/L)-2014.    |    NEW PAVILION TO THE SCHOOL : The school pavilion at the main stadium was opened last month proudly. This is the 1st phase of the project of development process of main play ground. It is presented by the Past Pupils' Association of Bandaranayake Central College, Veyangoda.    |     Get information about our college. E-Mail Us:
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You are warmly Welcome to the Official website of Bandaranayake Central College, VeyangodaBandaranayake Central College was founded in 1941, it occurred during the time of state council, prior to the information of the Soulbary Constitution and independence.

Sri Lanka was under the Western rule for more than three centuries, and country was under the British after the downfall of the Kandiyan Kingdom in 1815.

Christian Missionaries were dominating the education and Buddhist parents had no alternative, but were impliedly compelled tosend their children to missionary schools, for the reason that Buddhist were powerless and Buddhist education system was damaged by British govern. 

In this context, a report on famous Panadura Controversy(Paanaduraawaadhaya) led by the Migettuwatte Gunananda Thera reached col. Henry Steel Olcotte having read the report(republished by an American journalist Dr. Peables, who announced that the Buddhists were victorious distributed their copies throughout America) inspired by Buddhists, came to Sri Lanka with Madam H.P Blavatsky who was a member of Russian nobility.

Meanwhile Col. Olcotte with Madam H.P Blavatsky observed Panchaseela at Vidyananda Temple, Weliwatta Galle on 2nd February 1884. 

Consequently it took a considerable duration of time to have the college established under the Free Education System introduced by Dr. C.W.W Kannangara, the Father of Free Education.

We were lucky to be originally one of the first three Central Colleges established in Sri Lanka(Old Ceylon). Our school was established for the skill full students came from the rural areas around.

Established in 1941 with very meagre resources in a humble, mud-walled, lowly thatched hut with one teacher and twelve pupils, the school has progressively grown in size and reputation over the years. Today, Bandaranayake Central College has evolved into one of the country’s most dynamic, progressive and forward-thinking academic institutions, achieving the distinction of being the premier Buddhist Central College in Sri Lanka. 

The college is situated  in a quiet residential suburb of Wandurwa, Close to Veyangoda town, it occupies an area of 28 acres (137,000 m2) with an attractive surrounding boarded by Kandy-Colombo Railway. The school at present has an enrolment of over 2600 students and a well-qualified staff of over 135 teachers.

It is one of the colleges with highest academic performance in Gampaha district with 100% O/L passes and over 65% university entrances from A/L each year.

The present college is eminently managed by Mr. S.A.L.B Sirimanna and committed to proceed with a straightforward development programs targeted towards advancement of physical and spiritual education of the college.

We hope that you've a summarized knowledge of our school. You can now find  more and surf anything about the Bandaranayake Central College, Veyangoda. And you're kindly requested to tell your ideas for our school’s website to make it improve as you believe. 

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Annual General Meeting - 2016 to be held on this day in the college main hall from 9.00AM upwards. All members of the Past Pupils' Association are warmly invited.

 Latest Development Projects

 New Cenotaph(Ranaviru Monument) 
The college has decided to build up a Cenotaph(Ranaviru Monument) at the college premises commemorating it's deep reverence for fallen war heroes of armed forces and the Police of Bandaranayake Central College, who made supreme sacrifices for the motherland. For more information click here. 

"Mahindyodaya" Technological Laboratory
This project is lead by Mr. Bandula Gunawadhene, Ministry of Education. Accordingly, this Technological Laboratory was constructed in Bandaranayake Central College under the project of 1000 secondary schools.  For more information click here.

Infrastructure Development
The school premises is currently developed in large scale. All surrounds are getting a glamorous channge. For more information click here.

New Balcony for Main Hall
The Main Hall is now reconstructing with many features. It will also be included a Balcony for best viewing the stage. The main stage and the hall is currently renewing.

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